Comfortable And Lifelike Full Dentures

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When you suffer from total tooth loss, or if most of your teeth are missing, then you need a dental prosthetic. A full set of dentures could restore your ability to eat and speak easily, and smile with confidence again. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist talks about creating comfortable and lifelike full dentures.

When You Need Dentures

A set of dentures is meant for total tooth loss, or for people missing the vast majority of their teeth. Without your teeth, the kinds of foods you can enjoy are limited, which deprives you of essential nutrients and also impacts your quality of life. You could also have problems speaking clearly, or could feel embarrassment due to your missing teeth, which further harms your overall quality of life. Tooth loss is also linked to painful jaw joint disorders like TMD, and could cause a prematurely aged appearance.

Designing Your Prosthetic

To begin, we will take a close look at your smile with digital imaging technology and x-rays, so we can assess the extent of your tooth loss and the cause. We then treat underlying oral health issues, and may extract the few remaining teeth to pave the way for your prosthetic. The images and measurements we take will then be used in a lab setting to design and craft the finished product. The teeth will be crafted from lifelike materials, such as ceramic, which we shade to look lifelike, but can also absorb daily bite forces. They will be set in a base made from acrylic that looks like gum tissues.

Immediate vs. Conventional

The Immediate option is crafted in advance, and will be secured once we extract your teeth and prep your smile. The conventional option involves removing remaining teeth and then waiting for the area to heal before we provide your finished prosthetic. We will help you decide which option is right for you! Both are removable and will need to be cleaned and soaked. The lower arch will be held in place with suction, while the upper one will need a special adhesive. If you have any questions about treating tooth loss with our custom and lifelike full dentures, then contact our team today to get started with an initial consultation. We want to help you obtain a full, functional, and beautiful smile once again!

Talk To Your Kansas City, MO Dentist About Prosthetic Dentistry  

We’re ready to handle your advanced tooth loss and restore your smile’s function, beauty, and health. Don’t let missing teeth impact your oral health and quality of life. If you would like to learn more about our complete dentures, or about any of our other prosthetic treatments, contact your Kansas City, MO, dentist, Dr. Murphy, by calling (816) 531-8000.