Improving Smiles With Full Mouth Reconstruction

kansas city full mouth reconstructionWhen you injure your smile in an accident, or have multiple oral health issues impacting the beauty and function of your smile, you may need more than a filling or a crown. Which is why your Kansas City, MO, dentist offers a new smile with a complete Full Mouth Reconstruction, rebuilding your smile.

When Do You Need a Reconstruction?

Essentially, we use this to address smiles with multiple major issues, including cavities and infected teeth, several damaged or missing teeth, and problems with esthetics and bite balance. When you feel your smile is too far gone, then you likely benefit from this procedure, which actually involves combining multiple cosmetic and restorative treatments options to address multiple smile problems and offer stunning results. For some, this could take as little as two visits to complete. Each cause is unique, and we create a personalized treatment plan based on the detailed diagnosis made with digital x-rays and intraoral cameras.

Rebuilding Teeth

To rebuild teeth, we could use dental bonding and cosmetic contouring to correct issues with the shape and color of the teeth, including minor chips and cracks, in only one sitting. For cavities, we could use the same bonding material, composite resin, to treat them in only visit and offer lifelike results. If you have more severe damage, or worn-down teeth caused by bruxism (teeth grinding), we can repair and restore the tooth with a custom-made dental crown, which covers the visible parts of a tooth and offers a natural appearance, as we use metal-free options like porcelain and zirconia. We could also use oral appliance therapy to treat underlying issues like bruxism and TMJ disorder to prevent further pain or injury. Cosmetic touch-ups are also available with professional teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.

Replacing Teeth

If you have missing teeth, this could lead to misalignment and an aged appearance, as well as jaw joint disorders brought on by bite imbalance. To replace minor tooth loss, we could use a bridge or secure a single dental implant, which bonds with the jawbone and lasts for decades to come. For more severe cases, we could use dentures. We have partial and full dentures, which can be removable or supported with dental implants for extra longevity. Our team can also treat underlying issues like periodontitis to prevent worsening tooth loss and protect your new smile. If you have any questions about full mouth reconstruction, then contact our team today.

Your Kansas City, MO, Dentist Offers Smile Improvement   

We would like to help you obtain a smile that helps you feel confident. If you would like to learn about rebuilding your smile, then contact your Kansas City, MO, dentist, Dr. Murphy, by calling (816) 531-8000.