Treating Cavities With Tooth-Colored Fillings

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A cavity could mean serious trouble for your smile, including toothaches, infection, and in extreme cases, tooth loss. But we can bring relief, and do so with a cosmetic approach. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist is talking about our tooth-colored dental fillings, and how to avoid tooth decay.

Toothaches and Other Signs of Trouble

When you have tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, or a toothache that lasts for more than a day, then this could mean you have a cavity that needs attention. Cavities form when poor oral hygiene habits and a diet high in sugar and starch lead to weakened tooth enamel. As decay forms, the teeth can begin to ache and experience sensitivity, and the risk of infection increases over time. Treatment with a filling means avoiding painful infections, and also preserving your smile.

Preparing Your Smile

To begin, we will carefully examine your smile to identify the position and severity of the decay. We also look at any other underlying oral health factors that should be addressed. We then numb the tooth with a local anesthetic, and if you have dental anxiety, we can use sedation to help you enter a deep state of calm and relaxation. We then remove the decay from your tooth and thoroughly clean it. We may also etch the surfaces too. The material we use, composite resin, is a metal-free blend of glass-like and acrylic particles, which we can shade to blend with the tooth structure. This is safe for people of all ages!

The Filling Process

Once the material is ready, we will apply it in several layers to the tooth. We then sculpt and mold the tooth as we cure the composite resin underneath a special light. Finally, we polish the tooth for a brighter appearance. This can all be completed in only one visit! Moving forward, you can lower your risk of cavities with daily care from home. Try to cut back on sugary foods and drinks, as this feeds harmful bacteria and allows plaque to develop. You can also limit plaque buildup by brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes using a fluoride toothpaste, and by flossing between the teeth every evening. Be sure you see us for a checkup and cleaning visit every six months too, so we watch out for tooth decay and also remove all plaque and tartar buildup.

Visit Your Kansas City, MO Dentist Soon

We’re ready to take a cosmetic approach to your restorative treatments! If you want to learn more about putting a stop to tooth decay, or if you want to schedule a visit, then contact your Kansas City, MO, dentist, Dr. Murphy, by calling (816) 531-8000.