Straightening Smiles With Invisalign®

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When you have misalignment, you may assume metal braces are the only option you have for an even smile. But what if we told you that we have a cosmetic treatment option? In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist talks about how we strengthen smiles with a cosmetic touch using Invisalign®.

The Impact of an Uneven Smile

An uneven smile could make you feel self-conscious, and you could even avoid smiling for pictures or laughing without covering your mouth. But beyond these impacts, malocclusion could also lead to serious issues with your oral health. For example, crooked, crowded, and overlapping teeth make thorough brushing and flossing difficult, which in turn means a greater risk of cavities and gum disease. For others, poor alignment could alter the overall balance of your bite, causing complications like TMJ disorder and even bruxism (chronic teeth grinding). Don’t live with these complications, talk to our team today about a possible solution.

Creating Clear Aligners

With Invisalign®, we don’t need metal braces at all. Instead, we can shift the teeth and improve overall bite balance with a series of clear and custom aligners, which fit comfortably and spares you gum and cheek irritation. To craft them, our team will start by taking detailed digital images of your mouth, which we then combine to create a 3D impression of your smile. This digital impression is far more accurate than a physical one, and much easier to obtain. In a lab setting, experts will sue them to create a series of aligners from a clear, BPA-free plastic material.

Invisalign® Treatment

When your aligners are ready, you can start the treatment process. Essentially, you will wear a new set for about 20 to 23 hours on average, depending on your dentist’s recommendations. Each set is then worn for a period of two weeks. You repeat this process with each set in the series, as they gradually and gently shift your teeth into optimal positions. For some, the total treatment time is as little as a year, while others may need up to 18 months, either away this shorter then the time braces require. They can also be removed before you eat, so you don’t have to alter your diet. Being removable also makes brushing and flossing much easier too!

If you have any questions about how we shift teeth with a cosmetic approach, then contact our team and consider scheduling a consultation soon. We want to help you feel proud to smile!

Your Kansas City, MO Dentist Provides Cosmetic Orthodontics

These aligners offer a clear and comfortable treatment option. If you want to learn more about how we straighten smiles with a cosmetic approach, then contact your Kansas City, MO, dentist, Dr. Murphy, by calling (816) 531-8000.