Creating Your New Smile Solution

Arms Crossed KCMOThe replacement of a tooth after an extraction procedure is a process that may feel overwhelming to you. This is not a situation that you may have experience with, and the prosthodontic steps may confuse you or trip you up. It is important, however, that you gain a working knowledge of tooth replacement. There are a few different specific methods to place a new prosthetic at the site of your gap. Firstly, a dental bridge is a helpful system of repair that relies upon a hanging solution between two dental crowns. The replacement spreads the stress of chewing to the two remaining healthy teeth.

Dental implants are another form of prosthodontic renewal that center around the placement of a sturdy titanium post within the bone of your jaw. This metal has a special property that tricks the immune system into believing that your post is actually your own biological tissue. At Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO, we have solutions for the replacement of your natural teeth. A new prosthodontic solution could restore your bite function while giving you a new source of confidence.

A Dental Bridge Helps Revive Otherwise Healthy Mouths

If the teeth surrounding your gap are healthy, then a dental bridge may be a helpful form of prosthodontic repair. This method includes first the extraction of all previous material to prevent possible infection. Then after healing, your dental health professional can begin the process of crafting your new chewing surface.

The abutment teeth serve as the foundation for your bite at the location of a gap. A hanging prosthetic connects to two dental crowns. This solution does not connect to the jaw, so speak with your oral health professional about any potential risks involved with the loss of jaw bone matter due to reabsorption. This is when your body pulls back some resources from a part of the mouth after an instance of damage. There also may be concerns with the lasting strength of your remaining teeth, so discuss your prosthodontic options with your provider.

Dental Implants Build Stability From The Bone

The development of dental implants has changed dentistry forever. This process includes firstly the placement of a titanium post within the bone of your jaw. Through a mechanism called osseointegration, your body accepts this metal as being part of your own mouth. The jaw then heals around the threaded post and creates a durable foundation for your new prosthetic.

Quality Prosthodontic Care In Kansas City, MO

The replacement of one or more of your natural teeth is an important step at regaining confidence after an extraction. A dental bridge could help through stress dispersal with a hanging prosthetic. Dental implants are also available to create a sturdy titanium post within the jaw. Call Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO at 816-531-8000 to learn more about your prosthodontic options.