Ask About Invisalign® For Your Smile

Teeth KCMOMisalignment is a condition that can affect your confidence. It can be difficult to be your full self when you are trying to hide your smile. If you struggle with crooked teeth, you might hold back in conversation. This can impact both your social and professional lives. Discuss your options with your qualified dental care professional, as there is discreet available treatment to help correct your alignment.

Improper location of teeth can contribute as well to dental concerns beyond your cosmetic appearance. Malocclusion is the term for a misaligned bite when the mouth is closed. This condition can create an imbalance in your mouth that leads to additional enamel wear. Speak with Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO about how clear aligner treatment from Invisalign® can help you to keep your teeth safe and gorgeous. The accumulation of problem plaque and tartar can risk the lasting future of your smile. Look better while giving your smile the care it deserves!

Misalignment Affects Your Confidence

Cosmetic smile conditions such as misalignment can cause you to hide your smile from the world. You may cover your mouth when you speak or shy away from talking in general. These activities can lead the world to believe that you are shy, when you are actually embarrassed about your smile.

The problem with the alignment of your smile can contribute to issues beyond your appearance, as well. Crowding of your teeth creates locations that are harder for you to clean with your regular oral health maintenance. In these areas, bacteria feed upon the leftover particles of food. Plaque starts to accumulate and hardens into tartar if you do not remove this substance. Tartar requires the help of a trained dental professional to remove from your teeth.

Care For Your Dental Wellbeing With Clear Aligners

Invisalign® treatment relies upon the foundation of modern orthodontics. Gradual readjustment of the teeth is possible and can create positive lasting change. There are several distinct benefits of this process over traditional orthodontic improvement. This option can help you to achieve a beautiful smile with a nearly invisible set of progressive trays.

You wear your aligners throughout most of the day, even working to improve your oral health in your sleep. Invisalign® treatment uses a durable BPA-free material that hugs your teeth through the process. This approach maximizes the amount of surface area, which can mean a lower level of discomfort than with other means.

Invisalign® Treatment In The Heart Of Kansas City

An unattractive smile can cause you to shrink away from the world. Invisalign® can help you to bring new confidence to your smile and begin to speak up. Call Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO at 816-531-8000 to learn more about how this process could be the right fit for you!