Achieving Results With Invisalign®

Tree Woman Kansas City MOIf your teeth are out of a positive alignment, then you know how much of your life can be affected by your condition. You rely upon your smile for every new interaction that you have, and when things aren’t quite right, it can affect you in multiple ways. Your confidence might be limited as a result of your condition, holding you back both professionally and personally. Misalignment (as well as malocclusion) can also prevent you from being able to properly maintain your oral hygiene, so talk with a trusted team of dental professionals about your needs.

At our dental office in Kansas City, MO, you can achieve a more attractive smile while also improving your oral health with clear aligner treatment from Invisalign®. This approach uses a nearly invisible set of progressive trays to shift the location of your teeth along your oral ridge. Clear aligner therapy is a more private option, giving you the opportunity to let your results do the talking. When you need to see an improvement to your alignment, talk to our team about whether this treatment is right for your smile!

Ask Your Dentist About All Of The Benefits Of Invisalign®

One of the more common issues affecting patients’ dentistry is improper alignment. While this is often seen as solely a cosmetic condition, when your smile is out of balance, it can affect multiple aspects of your oral health. In areas where your teeth overlap or crowd, you might not be able to keep your teeth clean with your routine brushing and flossing.

In order to improve your dentistry, talk to your provider about how Invisalign® treatment could help you to maintain your smile. These almost invisible trays take advantage of traditional orthodontic concepts without the need for bulky braces.

How Invisalign® Adjusts Smiles In A More Private Fashion

While you may have heard about this form of treatment, you might wonder how it works. Cosmetic treatment from Invisalign® uses a progressive set of BPA-free acrylic aligner trays to gently and effectively shift your teeth along your oral ridge.

During your treatment, you will wear your custom aligners throughout the course of the day. It is important to remember to keep them in for the full prescribed time, and only remove them to eat and care for your routine maintenance of brushing and flossing. Even when you sleep, your alignment solution will continue to improve your smile!

Learn More About Invisalign® With Plaza Family Dentistry

If you have been searching for a more private alignment solution, talk to our team about the advantages of Invisalign® treatment. For more information on your cosmetic dental options, give us a call at Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO at (816)531-8000!