TMJ Treatment And Your Daily Life

woman with jaw painIf jaw stiffness and pain intrude on your daily life, it can be harder to speak, bite, and chew. It can also become difficult to focus on your responsibilities or relax with friends and family. Many people have to deal with the effects of TMJ disorder on their quality of life. Problems with joint alignment and movement arise for several reasons. When they do, they can create issues with joint stiffness and dental pain as well as trouble with headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and more that feel intrusive. When you count teeth grinding among your symptoms, your problems can also lead to serious dental damage! Our Kansas City, MO dental office is ready to help by providing TMJ treatment that leads to welcome relief.

Persistent Jaw Problems Can Lower Your Quality Of Life

If you have problems with poor jaw alignment and movement, the discomfort that results can intrude on your quality of life in many frustrating ways. Laughing and talking with friends can lead to discomfort, and meals and snacks can become uncomfortable as well. For many, troubles with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder will also lead to teeth grinding, headaches, and other issues along with their jaw discomfort. Bringing these symptoms up to your dentist can lead to relief, as our practice can work with you to resolve the issues with your joints that are causing you such trouble.

Should You Look Into TMJ Treatment?

By providing an NTI appliance and night guard, we can stop TMJ disorder from making pain a regular aspect of your life. These appliances are carefully made so that they fit the patients who need them. When they are worn, they make gentle corrections to your jaw position and movement in order to lessen tension on your joints and muscles. When this pressure is removed, you stop suffering from headaches, limited joint movement, facial pain, and more that can impact your well-being.

Regular Dental Appointments Lead To Early Detection And Treatment For Many Problems

One way to avoid prolonged discomfort from issues like TMJ disorder is to make regular trips to see your dentist for general care. At these routine dental checkups and cleanings, you learn about more than just the presence or absence of cavities and gum disease. Appointments are opportunities to fully evaluate your oral health so that any issues that threaten your oral health are found and treated before they can affect you further.

Talk To Your Kansas City, MO Dentist About TMJ Treatment

Through treatment for your TMJ disorder, our practice can help you resolve problems with headaches, joint stiffness, facial pain, and more that have lowered your quality of life. If you would like to find out more, please call Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO at (816)531-8000!