Find Relief With A Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Kansas City MOIf you have started to notice pain or discomfort within your smile, it is time to schedule an appointment with your dentist. You may have an internal tooth infection that has started to form, which can lead to a serious toothache. Even more, this situation can become worse, risking the health of your smile. When this happens, a root canal treatment is a possibility to remove your infected pulp and save your natural tooth.

With our team of restorative dentistry experts in Kansas City, MO, you can take a positive step in keeping your smile safe after infection through endodontics. This special area of dentistry centers around procedures related to the interior of your tooth, including the fleshy material of your pulp. If you know that you have cracked or broken a tooth, talk to your dentist about repair as quickly as possible in order to limit the harm. When your natural tooth becomes damaged due to injury or decay, the more vulnerable soft tissue within is at risk of infection. Talk to our team about your dental damage today!

That Nagging Toothache Could Be A Sign Of An Infection

Your natural enamel provides a durable barrier that keeps bacteria from reaching the vulnerable soft tissue at the center of your tooth. When you experience a break or a crack in your enamel, this leaves the area susceptible to infection. Schedule an examination to learn about restoration before bacteria start to take hold.

When you feel pain within one of your teeth, it is a good sign that you should set up a time to talk with your dentist. There is a possibility that this could be a symptom of a bacterial infection within your tooth. If this has happened, it is important to meet with an oral health professional to determine your next steps in treating this condition.

How A Root Canal Treatment Saves An Infected Tooth

The process of a root canal therapy procedure centers around the removal of the soft tissue inside your tooth through what is known as a pulpectomy. Your dentist will remove your infected tissue, relieving you of your pain. Afterward, they will seal the connections to your jaw shut with a plant-based putty called gutta-percha, preventing reinfection of the tooth. Since this procedure requires some drilling, you will receive a durable new dental crown to cap things off, giving you a sturdy new chewing surface and a renewed appearance.

Tooth Pain? Talk To Our Kansas City Dental Team

If you have started to notice pain or discomfort in one or more of your teeth, take the time to talk about your options. To learn more about root canal treatment, give us a call at Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO at (816)531-8000!