Getting Started With A Smile Makeover

Kansas City, MO offers smile makovers Your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you. Bright and straight pearly whites can boost your confidence and contribute to good health. If you have several problems that you would like to address, it can be stressful to know where to begin. At Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO, we can help you improve the health and appearance of your smile with a custom makeover. To learn more about what is included in this treatment plan, read today’s blog.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

Before beginning with visual improvements, it is important that you are in good health first. During your first appointment, the dentist will examine your oral cavity and take a closer look at any problems you may be facing. Every individual will have their own unique needs when it comes to improving their smile, so each treatment plan will be tailored for you. If you have any damage to your teeth, such as cracks or chips, they may recommend receiving dental crowns to repair the area.

If you have symptoms of gum disease, such as swollen or red tissue, periodontal cleanings will be scheduled before moving forward. It is important that you have healthy, strong gums and teeth before cosmetic treatments are done.

Correcting Your Smile

Once it is determined that your dental health is in good condition, more improvements can be made. For patients suffering from overcrowded or crooked teeth, Invisalign is available to correct the positioning of your pearly whites.

There are several benefits to straight teeth. First, this can improve your ability to speak and chew. It can also reduce the chances of cavities and other problems, as you will be able to thoroughly brush and floss once they are straightened. Lastly, having a symmetrical smile can boost your confidence. The major advantage of Invisalign over braces is that you can achieve these results without worrying about wires and brackets.

Enhancing Your Appearance

If you are looking to improve your look even further, we offer other cosmetic services, too. Professional teeth whitening can be paired with Invisalign treatment to achieve a bright, straight smile. For patients looking for a permanent cosmetic change, veneers are also available. This will require several appointments, but the effect will last a lifetime.

A full makeover may also require oral surgery or prosthetic work, such as implants. To make the process easier on our patients, we offer these services all in one office. This will allow you to feel comfortable with the staff and schedule your treatment plan with ease.

Begin Your Makeover Today

To start your treatment, schedule a consultation today by calling Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO, at (816) 531-8000 or requesting your appointment online.