Find Relief With A Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Kansas City MOIf you have started to notice pain or discomfort within your smile, it is time to schedule an appointment with your dentist. You may have an internal tooth infection that has started to form, which can lead to a serious toothache. Even more, this situation can become worse, risking the health of your smile. When this happens, a root canal treatment is a possibility to remove your infected pulp and save your natural tooth.

With our team of restorative dentistry experts in Kansas City, MO, you can take a positive step in keeping your smile safe after infection through endodontics. This special area of dentistry centers around procedures related to the interior of your tooth, including the fleshy material of your pulp. If you know that you have cracked or broken a tooth, talk to your dentist about repair as quickly as possible in order to limit the harm. When your natural tooth becomes damaged due to injury or decay, the more vulnerable soft tissue within is at risk of infection. Talk to our team about your dental damage today!


Periodontal Cleaning For Healthy Gums

Periodontal Cleaning Kansas City MOIf you have started to experience a shift in your gumline, take some time to sit down with your dentist to learn about ways to improve your periodontal health. This tissue is more than just a supporting cast member within your smile, as your gums play a significant role in your oral health. Unfortunately, nearly half of all adult Americans currently have some form of periodontal disease, which is the infection and inflammation of the gum tissue.

At Plaza Family Dentistry, you have the opportunity to improve your gum health with our team of preventive and restorative dental experts in Kansas City, MO. Set aside some time for a checkup with our team and be sure to ask your dentist about ways that you can better your oral hygiene through brushing and flossing. While you are here for your cleaning and examination, discuss how scaling and root planing can strengthen your dentistry through the removal of plaque and tartar buildup. A dedicated cleaning at and below your gumline can help you to slow and even halt the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease! (more…)

Let Your Results Do The Talking With Invisalign®

Dugout Kansas City MOIf you feel that your smile is being held back by your alignment, take some time to learn about your options in orthodontic treatment. Misalignment and malocclusion can really impact your daily life, as you depend on your smile every time that you speak or laugh. When you start to notice that you are hiding your smile during first dates or important meetings, ask your dental healthcare professional about making some changes to improve the appearance and function of your dentistry.

With our team of cosmetic dentistry experts in Kansas City, MO, you have an opportunity to achieve a more attractive smile with clear aligner therapy from Invisalign®. Talk to your dentist about this form of treatment, which uses slim, BPA-free aligner trays to gently adjust the location of your teeth on your oral ridge. Just because this method can be more comfortable does not mean it is ineffective, as well. Ask your dentist about all of the advantages of a clear aligner orthodontic solution to treat your misalignment! (more…)

Erase Those Stubborn Stains!

Happy Office Kansas City MOHave you started to notice a change in the brightness of your teeth? When your smile is not at the level of quality that you need it to be, it can really affect many different areas of your life. At every first date or job interview, you might find that you are holding back from being your true self. If you are struggling with your smile due to the accumulation of stains on your enamel, learn about your options at achieving a more attractive set of teeth.

With our helpful cosmetic dentistry team at Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO, you can make positive movies in achieving a brighter smile with cosmetic teeth whitening. By sticking close to a trained dental provider, you give yourself the opportunity to approach your process with the respect it deserves, as overbleaching your teeth can lead to lasting dentin sensitivity. Rather than relying on store-bought products to remove those problem stains, talk to a dentist about your condition and learn about your options. Our team is here to help you look your best, while keeping the focus on your oral health! (more…)

Renew Your Dental Focus With A Checkup!

Worker Smiling Kansas City MOHow long has it been since the last time that you were in the office for a routine cleaning and examination with your dentist? If you have been skipping your semiannual dental checkups, your smile quality could suffer due to the development of tooth decay and periodontal disease. These appointments give you vital tools and information in keeping your oral health at a high level, so take this time to come in for a thorough cleaning and a visual examination from a caring dentist.

With our preventive dentistry experts in Kansas City, MO, you have an opportunity to find your way back to a positive schedule of cleanings and examinations. Set aside some time for your next semiannual dental checkup and discover the advantages of being proactive with your prevention. These simple routine appointments can help you to keep your focus on your oral health, as a necessary part of your dental maintenance! (more…)

Your New Dental Implants Are Designed To Last

Small Business Owner Kansas City MOIf you have recently lost one or more of your natural teeth, or if your dentist has given you a diagnosis requiring an extraction, you might be looking into your options in prosthodontic repair. One increasingly popular solution is the placement of a durable and elegant new dental implant to replace your missing tooth. This solution derives its strength from an unparalleled connection between a prosthetic tooth and the bone within your jaw, providing a lasting repair that can help you to regain the trust in your bite.

With our dental team at Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO, you have the opportunity to improve your current smile with the help of a biocompatible dental implant solution. Talk to your dentist about your specific smile needs, and see if a dental implant is the right choice for your oral health future. This process can be beneficial for those with a single missing tooth up to a full mouth of implant-retained dentures, so ask your dentist about whether a dental implant is the next step in your smile future! (more…)

TMJ Treatment And Your Daily Life

woman with jaw painIf jaw stiffness and pain intrude on your daily life, it can be harder to speak, bite, and chew. It can also become difficult to focus on your responsibilities or relax with friends and family. Many people have to deal with the effects of TMJ disorder on their quality of life. Problems with joint alignment and movement arise for several reasons. When they do, they can create issues with joint stiffness and dental pain as well as trouble with headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and more that feel intrusive. When you count teeth grinding among your symptoms, your problems can also lead to serious dental damage! Our Kansas City, MO dental office is ready to help by providing TMJ treatment that leads to welcome relief. (more…)

Achieving Results With Invisalign®

Tree Woman Kansas City MOIf your teeth are out of a positive alignment, then you know how much of your life can be affected by your condition. You rely upon your smile for every new interaction that you have, and when things aren’t quite right, it can affect you in multiple ways. Your confidence might be limited as a result of your condition, holding you back both professionally and personally. Misalignment (as well as malocclusion) can also prevent you from being able to properly maintain your oral hygiene, so talk with a trusted team of dental professionals about your needs.

At our dental office in Kansas City, MO, you can achieve a more attractive smile while also improving your oral health with clear aligner treatment from Invisalign®. This approach uses a nearly invisible set of progressive trays to shift the location of your teeth along your oral ridge. Clear aligner therapy is a more private option, giving you the opportunity to let your results do the talking. When you need to see an improvement to your alignment, talk to our team about whether this treatment is right for your smile! (more…)

The Advantages Of Professional Whitening

Happy Woman Kansas City MOHave you started to notice a change in your smile because your teeth are starting to grow dim or yellowed? If you are struggling with the brightness of your smile, talk to a dental professional with the training and expertise to help you whiten your teeth while keeping an eye on your enamel. Supermarket products can be ineffective at treating your stubborn stains, leading you to use them over and over. This can cause damage to your enamel, leaving you at risk of developing dentin sensitivity.

At our dental office in Kansas City, MO, we offer you a choice in your professional cosmetic teeth whitening process. If you are looking for a comfortable experience at home alongside your brushing and flossing, talk to us about the advantages of Opalescence® at-home teeth-whitening. Simply fill your custom trays with gel and wear them, letting our powerful lifting agent do its work! For an even speedier solution, speak with our team about in-office whitening, allowing you to improve your appearance in one easy visit. When you need teeth whitening, talk to a professional about your options! (more…)

Keep Up With Your Cleanings And Exams

Tshirt man KCMO Kansas CityHas it been a little too long since the last time you visited the dentist for a routine cleaning and examination? If so, find your way back to a positive schedule of these appointments, as they serve to keep your smile safe. Most people need to visit the dental chair once every six months, but you may have certain environmental or genetic factors that may require an accelerated schedule of visits.

At our dental office in Kansas City, MO, we are here to help you to maintain your existing smile and to retain as much of your natural enamel as possible as you age. This is possible with helpful preventive dentistry from a provider every six months with a semiannual checkup. Located right in the heart of the Country Club Plaza, we serve the entire Kansas City area with pride. Schedule your appointment for a cleaning and examination today, and discover the difference after your helpful checkup! (more…)