Start Exploring Teeth Whitening Services

Are you growing unhappy with the way enamel stains have negatively affected your appearance? As discoloration worsens, it can feel more embarrassing as well as more difficult to properly address. Store bought whitening treatments and whitening toothpastes can have some positive effects, but they can deliver results that are less satisfying than you hoped for. Fortunately, you can take on these issues with a professional teeth whitening procedure. Doing so will help you see significant overall changes. Our Kansas City, MO dentist is able to offer professional whitening services that target stains, and we can provide alternative cosmetic procedures in order to deal with intrinsic problems. (more…)

Fillings Offer A Solution To Cavities

dental fillingEven if you diligently brush and floss your teeth, decay can still occur. Various factors, including diet and genetics, can influence the presence of cavities — despite your best preventative efforts. If a cavity does, in fact, develop, your dentist will most likely suggest a dental filling. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist the situations in which you might need a filling and what goes into the process of placing one in your affected teeth.  (more…)