Do you wish your teeth were a little straighter, but worry about using metal braces to get there? At Plaza Family Dentistry, we understand your hesitation, but we also understand how straighter teeth could improve your oral health, as well as the look of your smile.

For a clear and comfortable alternative to braces that will still improve the health, function, and beauty of your smile, you may benefit from Invisalign®! Instead of correcting misalignment with metal brackets and wires, we use a series of clear aligners that fit comfortably and remain invisible during treatment. Each set is custom-made for your smile using iTero® digital scanning technology, so they fit perfectly as they reposition your teeth. The aligners are also removable, which makes eating and brushing/flossing much simpler!

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Invisalign® clear aligners may be an option for straightening crooked teeth. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Plaza Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO, at (816) 531-8000.