Do you often experience headaches, jaw pain, or a popping/crackling sensation in your jaw? If so, your discomfort might be the result of a common issue known as TMJ disorder, or TMD. Not only will this disorder eventually make opening and closing your mouth difficult, impacting how you eat and speak, but untreated TMD is linked to the onset of bruxism (chronic teeth grinding), which could damage your smile!

If you experience regular orofacial pain, then let the team at Plaza Family Dentistry perform an exam. If we discover indicators of issues like TMJ disorder or bruxism, we can often provide relief with a simple oral appliance! An NTI dental appliance and night guard will be custom-fitted to your smile, providing a comfortable fit that adjusts the position of your jaw to ease pressure on the joints. Not only does this stop the strain behind your TMJ dysfunction, but the appliances provide a barrier to prevent further damage from teeth grinding!

Our appliances offer a noninvasive and comfortable method of training your jaw joints to relax and alleviate pressure, which could help you avoid headaches and jaw pain!

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