We use our preventive and general procedures, such as cleanings and exams, dental fillings, and teeth-whitening, to manage your oral health and address minor issues as they arise. But what if you need more substantial care to address major issues, such as infection or wisdom tooth eruption? Then you may benefit from oral surgery. Fortunately, at Plaza Family Dentistry, we’re ready to handle these issues in-house with a team of dedicated experts!

First, we take time to ensure you feel comfortable, and understand the procedure ahead. We administer local anesthetic and sedation to ensure you remain calm and relaxed throughout the process. We also guide the procedures with the latest in digital technology for better precision and accuracy! Our oral surgical procedures include:

Tooth Extraction: Sometimes, removing a tooth prevents major issues. Taking out wisdom teeth means you avoid painful impactions and misalignment. Removing a severely damaged or infected tooth protects surrounding teeth. We may even take out a tooth to make room for orthodontic treatment! After extraction, we perform an alveoloplasty to reshape and smooth the area where the tooth was removed, which ensures better esthetics and also preps the smile should you need implant placement.

Bone Grafting: When you lose a tooth, this can lead to a breakdown in the jaw as the tissue loses mass and density. To prevent negative changes to facial structure and ensure your jaw is ready for implant placement, we could rebuild the area with bone grafting.

Implant Placement: When you lose one or more teeth, we can surgically insert an implant post to support a new tooth, or to lay the groundwork for fixed dentures!

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